Saturday, February 23, 2013

New Bible Study - all welcome!

Why read the Bible?

We should read and study the Bible because it is God's Word to us. In this busy world of ours, how can we expect to hear God speak to us? The Bible can inspire us, can support us in times of trials. It is the Bible that reveals God to us. Just as we talk about our family members, Jesus talks to us about His heavenly Father in the Bible.

Bible reading is meant to deepen our personal relationship with Christ. We become closer to each other by spending time with each other. One hour a week (Mass time) is not enough to develop a close relationship with God and His Son.

So beginning Monday Feb 25, there will be a Bible Class during Lent. We will be meeting in the Tobin Room, 6:45pm - 8pm. Note to parents of Monday night Religious Education students - this is the time you drop your students off so you can stop in and join us!  We will be discussing Jesus' Passion and Resurrection. All are welcome!

The following is an outline of the class and you are welcome to attend any night.

February 25 - Brief introduction to the New Testament - Jesus' predictions of his passion

March 4 - Jesus' entry into Jerusalem Last Supper

March 11 - Trial of Jesus and His death

March 18 - The Resurrection