Friday, May 29, 2015

Summer Safety from our Nurses

From the Desk of St Benedict's Nurses    

As the Summer Season begins, we want to share with the families of St Benedict's some websites to keep children and all family members safe.

Summer Weather Safety & Survival

Teach Your Kid Well: Bicycle Safety Issues

How to Teach Young Kids to Swim

Red Cross Home Pool Safety

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Social Media workshop -Deacon Bill


Networking with Heaven 2.0
Learn to Use Social Media for Evangelization 

Register today -  by Email or call716-847-8393.  It is FREE!  Try out the team at 7PM on:  
  June 9th - St. John Paul II, Lakeview 
June 11th - Our Lady of Pompeii, Lancaster
June 15th St. Joseph, Gowanda  
June 16th - St. Leo the Great

This workshop will equip Catholic social media users to create a network that proclaims Good News to all with ears to hear. Participants will learn the essentials for creating a social ministry team, hear about the policies and standards for ethical and safe operation. Participants will learn how to align the megaphones of social media to get the Word out. Participants will discuss powerful ways to mobilize Catholics on the digital continent. Participants are expected to already be active in some way on social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc).

According to Pope Francis faith is not something that we possess. It is something that we share. 'We are all in the "sharing business'.  Catholics represent the single largest religious group using social media. Why isn't our message heard - 24/7/365, everywhere and anywhere via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Youtube? Even as newcomers to the digital continent we have cause for great confidence, because Pope Francis is already one of its most influential citizens. Let's join him in this evangelizing purpose.
Audience: Pastors, principals and the various parish web managers and social media administrators - business manager, school administrator, youth program administrator, faith formation administrator, etc.

Presenters: Jeremy Dolph (Facebook fanatic and youth minister, SS Peter and Paul, Hamburg), Gregg Prince (Department of Communications, Diocese of Buffalo), Deacon Bill Hynes (Tweet-master at St. Benedict Parish and religion teacher extraordinaire at St. Joseph Collegiate Institute), Maureen Poulin (Lifelong Faith Formation, Diocese of Buffalo and Dennis Mahaney (Office for Evangelization and Parish Life, Diocese of Buffalo).

NO COST:  The expenses are paid by a grant from Our Sunday Visitor and the Foundation for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo.