Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ash Wednesday 2013

close up of our main crucifix
St. Benedict's

Return to the Lord!

Please join us at any time from 6:00 am right through 9:00 pm on Ash Wednesday, February 13th.

We have masses at 7 am, 8:15 am and 7pm. There is a prayer service at 12 noon. We highly encourage your participation in our liturgies or prayer service. Ashes will be distributed during Mass and at the prayer service.

Additionally, between 6am and 9pm, we will also be distributing ashes to those who wish to turn back to the Lord. Whether you have been away for one day, one year, or haven't set foot in a Catholic Church in decades, you are welcome to receive ashes as a sign of repentance and continual conversion.

Ashes are a biblical sign of penance. Here are some Biblical verses mentioning ashes - Jeremiah 6:26, Isaiah 58:5, Daniel 9:3, Matthew 11:21 and Luke 10:13.

Ashes in the Catholic Church are the burnt remains of last year's palms used on Palm Sunday. Ashes are placed on your forehead as a sign to others of your change of heart. You may hear either of these prayers as the minister puts ashes on your forehead: "Remember that you are dust and to dust you will return," OR "Turn away from sin and be faithful to the Gospel."

Perhaps the most amazing result of keeping St. Benedict's Church open all day is seeing the hundreds of people, from all walks of life, truly striving to reform their lives.  Our priests are kept busy all day hearing confessions of people who want a fresh spiritual start. It is important not to let ashes become a hollow sign; we need to repent and confess our sins.  That is the first step to changing our lives to become more like Christ.

Will you repent with us this year? Don't worry if you forgot how to go to confession; we have information about the sacrament ready for you.   Click here for helpful reminders about this amazing sacrament, including a brief explanation of why we go to confession and instructions on how to go to confession.

Please invite your friends and family members to join us Ash Wednesday. Click here for directions.
We are here to be the welcoming hands of Christ.  Please join us.