Saturday, November 7, 2015

Help the needy THANKSGIVING & CHRISTMAS breakfasts

Hello Vincentians and Friends

As many of you know, St. Benedict's Conference of the St. Vincent de Paul Society has supported Little Portion Friary by serving breakfast to their guests on Thanksgiving and on Christmas morning.

Vincentians and other Parishioners generously donate their time to prepare breakfast items to help make these holidays a bit more special for those less fortunate.

Donated items are delivered by you at  8:15AM holiday morning in the St. Ben's parking lot in order for the delivery and serving by others at 9AM at the shelter.

Please contact us at the emails or cell numbers below if you can prepare a breakfast item.
We will separately seek a few volunteers to help with delivery, with prep at the Friary that morning and to serve the breakfast.

Fred: 864-3166

Mimi: 208-3255

Below are the breakfast items needed. If you're interested in sending something not listed, please let us know. We would like to stay away from sugary baked goods as Little Portion receives many donated doughnuts and sweets. Breakfast Items that can be frozen or kept a reasonable period in refrigeration are a good idea.

Listed are 4 egg items (scrambled or  egg bake). If you're interested in providing an egg bake but don't have a recipe there are several online- BUT please replace or skip cheese and pork additions, for dietary and religious reasons.

General info: There are approximately 8 women and 18 men plus some volunteers on the premises. They eat in separate dining rooms so we divide the items among the two dining rooms accordingly. Breakfast is served at 9:00 am.

Fred & Mimi will meet food providers in the Westfield parking lot at 8:15 Thanksgiving morning. People providing the hot items should bring them hot. The Fadels will leave for Little Portion by 8:30, in order to arrive in time to serve on time. The guests (residents) are responsible for clean up.

If you have a cold item or fruit you would like to drop off ahead of time, contact us.

Items needed:

1. Eggs/Egg Bake*: 
2. Eggs/Egg Bake*: 
3. Eggs/Egg Bake*: 
4. Eggs/Egg Bake*: 
5. Bagels – dozen: 
6. Bagels – dozen: 
7. Bagels – dozen: 
8. Cream cheese –3 bricks: 
9. Orange juice – 2 gallons: 
10.Orange juice – 2 gallons: 
14.Whole fruit: 
15.Whole fruit:
16.Whole fruit:
17.Whole fruit:
*egg bake in an approx 9x15 disposable tray
**potatotes: McDonald style hash brown cakes,or other breakfast potato styles

A> Let us know which item & its number that  you would like to donate. Include a second choice if your first item is already spoken for.

B> Indicate for which holiday (please select only one holiday) We will contact you if that holiday is already spoken for.

C>Include a  tel number (& preferred email address if different from the one on file) if we need to reach you. 

D>Please don't hesitate to call with questions or comments. 

Yours in Christ,

Fred and Mimi