Monday, November 10, 2014

Handling Grief during the Holidays 16 Nov. 12:45pm

Handling the Holidays
16 November
12:45pm in the cafeteria

The holiday season is not always greeted with happy anticipation. You may be facing the realization that a loved one is no longer present to enjoy the celebrations. 

The sadness overshadowing Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years may make it difficult to carry on as usual. Grief does not go away just because the holidays arrive and, in fact, the feelings may intensify. 

Explore ways that you can make it through the season and incorporate your loved one’s memory into your holiday plans.

On November 16, after the 11:30 am Mass (12:45pm)at St. Benedict's school cafeteria, Nancy Weil will discuss handling the holidays when a loved one is no longer present to enjoy the celebrations. 

Presenter Nancy Weil serves as Director of Grief Support for the Catholic Cemeteries, Diocese of Buffalo. She has certifications as a Grief Management Specialist, Grief Services Provider and Laughter Leader. Founder of The Laugh Academy, she is the author of If Stress Doesn’t Kill You, Your Family Might.

Light refreshments will be served