Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Black Friday -"Don't be that guy!"

A meaningful Black Friday?   Sure, why not??

Just because you are looking for a great deal on Black Friday doesn't mean you have to become one of THEM!

You know who I mean - those shallow, frenzied buyers so wrapped up in themselves that they are oblivious to everyone else. Don't be that guy! But really, does anyone think of themselves as "that guy?"

We just sort of end up that way if we're not careful about our Black Friday behavior.

So here are some practical suggestions for a fun, meaningful and holy Black Friday:

1. Be healthy - eat a good breakfast before heading out and stop for lunch too. A hungry, tired shopper makes for a mean person by noon!  Your body and your soul are one; each affects the other!

2. Be realistic - no, you don't need to get everything on Black Friday.  Be mentally prepared for sell outs and disappointments. Don't ruin your day (and everyone else's) with a nasty attitude because things didn't go your way.

3. Be concerned - don't walk by people as if they are invisible.  Say this blessing silently when you walk by a fellow shopper: "peace be with you!"  or "God bring peace to your life!"  Say an extra prayer of thanks for those who have to work on Black Friday, especially for cashiers!.

4. Be centered - you are so much more important than the stuff you buy!  You are already a gift to all the people in your life. Thank God he made you. Thankful people are centered people.

5. Be holy - see all those people???   Each is unique.  Each is a gift from God.  Each is your brother or sister.  Treat them that way. As Pope Francis recently wrote: "The joy of the Gospel fills the hearts and lives of all who encounter Jesus." Jesus is with you, even on Black Friday!  Remember that and holiness is yours to share!