Saturday, August 17, 2013

Faith Formation for All!

Faith Formation for all!
An Invitation from Fr. Mock -
Faith Formation—understanding our faith—is a life long project. At every age we come to understand ourselves and our God in a new and deeper way.

I’m excited to share an opportunity for everyone in the parish to engage in gaining this deeper understanding of our faith. Generations of Faith is a process meant for everyone in the parish—from pre-school through our most senior and wise members.
Here’s how it works:

The focus is on a specific topic with a celebration at a Sunday Mass. The celebration is the peak and there is a formation session prior to the celebration to enhance our understanding of what we celebrate.

St. Scholastica
window in our sacristy
I invite everyone to mark your calendars for our first celebration on Sunday, October 6 at the 10 AM Mass and to join us for the formation sessions on Sunday, September 22. The formation session will begin at 9 AM with a shared breakfast.
It will continue with various formation experiences for all ages. There will be different formation sessions for various age groups, so all will be appropriate to the learning stage of each participant.

We will conclude at 11:20 AM. This allows everyone the opportunity to be present for the 5 PM Mass on Saturday, or the 8 AM or 11:30 AM Mass on Sunday and still join us for the entire formation experience.

Our first session will be on the lives of some of our most familiar saints—Saint Benedict and his twin sister, Saint Scholastica, Saint Teresa of Avila and Blessed John XXIII-about to be Saint John XXIII. Each of their lives teaches us something about our lives as Catholic Christians as their lives magnify the presence of the Lord for us.
Please join us!