Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Our Pastor is on The Way of St. James

28 July 2012 - I have made it to Santiago! It has been a long journey. I think I have hiked about 200km. Many of it has been very challenging. Today was not too bad because it was cool. There were more hills and valleys than some were telling me about. The church was getting ready for a wedding.
Buen Camino!

27 July 2012
Hi all I hope everyone is doing well. 
I have made it to Pedrouzo hiking 19 kms today. I left the last Albergue at about 7am after getting up at 5:45 am. Trying to change, pack and get ready in the dark is a real challenge. In the Albergue you share a room with 12-45 of your closest friends. Everyone leaves at a different time depending on how far you want to hike.  
What I have learned in the last few days is you need to make a reservation if you are able to for your next night stay. That means figuring how far do you think you will hike by 12noon or 1pm.  You want to be off the trail because of the sun and heat by then. In theory after it gets cooler you could hike longer but since you only have one change of clothes you stop around Noon take a shower, do laundry, and get something to eat.  Remember laudry is by hand and you find a clothes line to hang you clothes on. You need to do it early so it has time to dry
Today I had to find a room in a pensione which is a room basically in someone's home. I had a great conversation with the owner, he spoke little English, I speak little Spanish.  I found out there is mass tonight in Italian at a church near by.  I asked him about a good Italian restaurant and he told me there aremany great Galacian restaurants. I guess I will be eating local which has not been bad yet!  One thing about the food I have been eating in Spain is that they serve a lot of potatoes. They serve them with the squid, in an egg sandwich and the meat dishes. Who knew? 
Tomorrow I hope to make it to Santiago!   It is another 20 kms which is about 12.5 miles which should not be too difficult because there should not be too many hills and valleys. I will leave early to beat the heat. I would like to be there by noon.
Buen Camino
25 July 2012
I celebrated The feast of St James in Melide, Spain about 52km from Santiago. I hope to arrive in Santiago on Saturday. The camino has been very good for me. It challenges me physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  I am happy to miss Santiago with all the crowds.  Many stories to tell when I return.
Buen Camino!
Fr Joe Porpiglia

You might travel alone but you are never really alone. I had to work my way through these gifts of God. They were not always happy for my presence.  Even when they are not present they leave things behind to remind you that you are passing through and this is their home.

Church of Santi Spiritus in Melide, Spain.
Celebrated mass with many other pilgrims and locals
as we go to Santiago.

One marker of many that tell you how many KMs to Santiago.

First Post:
For centuries, Catholics have walked The Way of St. James (Santiago) de Compostela in Spain. 

Our Pastor, Fr. Joe, is presently walking The Way. As of this writing he is about 70 miles from the famous cathedral.  We will keep you updated as we hear from him.  Keep him in prayer on his pilgrimage.

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Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela